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The SPRimager®II system operates with your choice of three flow cells, all easily interchangeable in a couple of minutes.
Standard Flow Cell
This general purpose cell provides maximum versatility for use with all SpotReady™ and SPRchip™ substrates. The cell exposes the central circular area of the substrate to the analyte, allowing simultaneous analysis of an entire array of samples under identical conditions. Choose the Standard Flow Cell when:.
  • You want maximum versatility for use with different array formats; or
  • You need higher analyte volume to minimize mass transport effects; or
  • You use your own custom array formats.
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Low Volume Flow Cell
This cell provides a reduced volume serpentine channel that flows analyte rapidly and consecutively over all 16 spots of the SpotReady™ substrates. Choose the Low Volume Cell when the SpotReady™16 substrate suits your needs and:
  • You want to minimize the volume of analyte used; or
  • You need the best possible association and dissociation data for molecular interactions; or
  • You use only SpotReady™16 substrates.
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Dual Channel Flow Cell
This cell adds dual-channel capability to the SPRimager®II-D system. You can use this cell with SpotReady™16 substrates to analyze two 8- spot arrays simultaneously with two different analytes or with two concentrations of the same analyte. Choose the Dual Channel Cell when:
  • You need to monitor two analytes simultaneously; or
  • You need to normalize your data to a control analyte rather than to a control spot as you would with the standard and low volume cells.
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Product Details
Item Standard Flow Cell Low Volume Flow Cell Dual Channel Flow Cell
Catalog Number SPR-1000-063 SPR-1000-048 SPR-1000-049
Cell Volume, µL 20 10 10 each

Total Volume, µL,
0.015" tubing,
Stop-flow / recirculate

85 / 170 70 / 140 70 / 140 each

Total Volume, µL,
0.020" tubing,
Stop-flow / recirculate

110 / 220 95 / 190 95 / 190 each
Total Volume, µL,
0.030" tubing,
Stop-flow / recirculate
200 / 400 180 / 360 180 / 360 each
Unit Set Set Set
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