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2010 Feb 04
New Peptide Array Applications
GWC Technologies is pleased to announce development of new peptide array applications for direct analysis of antibodies in unpurified serum and egg yolk, using the SPRimager®II label-free array platform.  Label-free peptide array analysis delivers multiple benefits:

  • Peptides make attractive affinity probes due to their robustness and specificity
  • The ability to interrogate targets in crude samples saves the time and expense otherwise required for purification
  • The array format increases efficiency by increasing the number of samples per test while decreasing the quantities of materials needed.  Moreover, using SpotReady™ chips, the array format is easy to implement.
  • Label-free analysis facilitates collection of real-time interaction data needed to capture valuable affinity information
  • Moreover, label-free solves the challenge of labelling targets, and eliminates the difficulty of identifying multiple fluorophores for multiplex analysis

The two new applications for label-free peptide arrays show specific detection of antibody targets in serum and in egg extract.  Despite the complexity of these analytes, differential interaction rates between peptide probes and their targets can be readily distinguished.

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